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Sebastian Pech is a developer and system manager in a huge international company located in Germany. Currently he is working on a multi-tier architecture project using .NET Framework 4.0 and SQL Server 2008.

Sebastian started programming over a decade ago on a C64 with basic, later with QBasic on MS-DOS and Visual Basic on Windows afterwards he switched over to C and C++. Starting with .NET Framework 1.1 he got into C#. He develops free games with DirectX (starting with DirectX 6) and is now having a deep look into the XNA Framework.

His Projects can be found on his Website ( Sebastian is active in several (german) development communities as moderator and participant. As time permits he helps on CLR and C# problems on the official MSDN Forum and writes articles and blogs entries.


Marvin's Arena makes some use of free resources.

One big thank you goes to Microsoft for providing great free models and textures in the XNA Framework as well as very good samples.

Most textures were taken from They have an awesome collection.

The code is checked using StyleCop and FxCop.