Installing Visual Studio

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This section explains how to install one of the free Visual Studio Express Editions. If you already have Visual Studio installed you can skip this step.


Download Website

Download one of the following Visual Studio Express Editions.

Language overview

For Marvin's Arena you can choose the language you like most. Most of the tutorials will focus on C# and Visual Basic but going from C# to C++ is easy.

C# is the native language of the .NET Framwork and will be the standard in all Tutorials.

Visual Basic was ehanced with new features to work with the .NET Framework and is very easy to learn.

C++ is the most complex language allowing you full control.


Install welcome page

After you downloaded the setup file run it by executing the exe.

Accept the license and proceed to the next screens. Installing the SQL Server and Silverlight is not necessary for Marvin's Arena.

If the download and installation is completed you are ready to run Visual Studio Express for the first time. Have a look at the Tutorials for a basic guide.

Install the game

After you installed Visual Studio. Go on with Installing Marvins Arena.